Finishing Services Update

Finishing Services Update

Captain’s Log 06.14.2022….

 Additional helmet services (vent/visor cut out, paint ready, and fully painted helmets) will remain closed, at LEAST through the end of the year, potentially longer. We will reevaluate where I am in early 2023. So if you are wanting a painted helmet for a specific date, we'd definitely suggest you look for another painter. In light of this, we will remove the listing for the services from the site for now rather than mark them “Sold Out”.

There are many large projects we are working on, and we want to have time to complete those. Mainly: armor! I had a trial run of making vacuum formed bucks for armor for my wife and my new kits for SWCA and learned a lot in the process and am feeling good about getting some pieces in the works. 

While I would love to have these done in time for the holidays, I won't guarantee that since, as we all know, life happens.

Lonewolf's goal is to be able to offer as many pieces as possible for your kits!

To start we are working on in multiple sizes in the styles of Bo-Katan "female" armor and "Bro-Katan" "male" armor as well as BOBF style knees and gauntlets. The armor will be vacuformed, the knees and gauntlets will be in flexible rubber. These pieces are modeled by Mystery Makers.

We will not offer painting or finishing services on armor pieces.