The Executioner

The Executioner is the original design of John Ficker / Lonewolf Customs.

Created over a decade ago, it has been an iconic addition to the SW Costuming Community, often being mistaken for a canonical design.

Sometime in 2008 in a crowded sketchbook page of dozens of doodles absent mindedly exploring the idea of "what is a mando helmet?" and "how far can one push the Fett helmet yet still be identifiable?" one thumbnail stuck out.  One in the visage of a skull.  Further more refined sketches were made.  A prototype, built by modifying a boba helmet was made (this ultimately gifted to the artist's younger brother who wears it today with his own Executioner kit).  Being a perfectionist product designer by training and trade, further refinements were made to the design, modifying and altering some features and lines of the face of the helmet.  The new refined design was built up for the artist's own personal kit.

After only having the kit in existence for a few short years it seemed the popularity of the kit and appreciation for it was growing worldwide.  People were beginning to replicate the unique personal design.  This showed there was a demand for the helmet to be supplied to the community, and thusly helped spur Lonewolf Customs into business of making helmets.  Starting with a base helmet with lineage back to a screen used Feta helmet, a new master was made for the Executioner helmet. This is the helmet currently used by Lonewolf1183 on his kit.  

For going on 10 years Lonewolf Customs has provided his unique design helmet to the costuming community, with no plans to stop.

Here in this category you can find exclusive merchandise based on the signature design of Lonewolf Customs, the Executioner. 

Don't worry, there will be more and new items to come!