Shipping and Holidays 2021

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Shipping and Holidays 2021

Important information on what to expect for shipping this holiday season!!

Somehow it is already October, and the holidays will be upon us before we know it! Just as there were MASSIVE delivery delays by the USPS last year, customers should anticipate a similar, if not worse, situation for 2021. 

We STRONGLY suggest you do your online shopping further in advance than you normally would and allow extra time for delivery of packages.

Carriers across the board (USPS, FedEx, and UPS) are all understaffed and expect heavy delays the closer we get to the holidays. In fact, USPS has a plan that includes slowing its target delivery time by about 30%.

There are also severe supply chain shortages and delays in many industries so many businesses are having a harder time getting materials, needing to pay more for raw goods, and wait long delivery times to get them. Global labor shortages are affecting every aspect of the supply chain including ships being able to dock in the US, with ships waiting up to a month to dock and unload at the ports.

In addition, USPS will be increasing their rates October 3 through December 26 2021; please keep in mind that you will therefore see increased shipping prices when you place your orders; the site charges you whatever the current USPS rate is.

We cannot guarantee ANY delivery date/time. The only thing we can guarantee is our order fulfillment time. Once we hand a package off to the delivery services (Lonewolf Customs ships via USPS) then it is out of our hands and control. If a package is delayed, Lonewolf Customs can unfortunately do nothing about that; we do not have access to any special information as the sender that you as the recipient do not already have access to. The best thing to do is to be patient and keep an eye on the tracking. The USPS does not consider a package “lost” until it has been missing for 20 days. At that point a claim with the USPS can be filed. Lonewolf Customs is not responsible for lost or damaged packages; we do not refund or replace packages that the mail carrier(s) has damaged, lost, or delayed. 

Last holiday season we saw many packages make it to the state or regional distribution center and then have no tracking update for several weeks before it had an update. Some packages that were ordered around Black Friday did not make it in time for the holidays even when being shipped a couple of states away, but every package did eventually arrive safe and sound.

Please note that Lonewolf Customs has some planned closures before the end of the year. During these dates we will be CLOSED, and not producing or shipping ANY orders. Any orders placed during these closures will begin on the next business day.

  • Fri Nov 5- Mon Nov 15
  • Fri Nov 19- Thurs Nov 25
  • Sat Dec 18- Weds Dec 29

We ask that you please keep all of this in mind, plan ahead, and be kind to small business and your mail carriers!