Westar 35 blaster

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This is the Westar 35 (live action) as seen on screen used by Death Watch, Bo, Axe, and others. 

These come in two versions, both are cast solid. These are raw casts that require minimal cleanup/finishing. 

  • Rubber is made out of a black semi-rigid rubber, great for stunts and conventions- very drop friendly!  Weight: 21oz
  • Resin is made out of Smooth Cast 300 resin and is tinted grey. Weight: 19oz

 These are solid, non-operable props.

Please note that the rubber material takes longer to cure and items are made to order. Please allow, on average, up to 7 business days for item to ship.



Original design modeled by MMMystery Makers, finished and molded by Lonewolf Customs. 

Customer Reviews

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Karl Dha'Werda
Dual Westar 35 Resin Blasters

Highly recommend Lonewolf Customs to everyone. Just had an AP over the weekend where I recommend the helmets again. Fiber resin cast are just that much easier to work without excessive sanding to remove VPLs. These blasters do not different from the helmets I've used or recommended to other Vode in my clan. Exceptional craftsmanship!

Westar 35 Blaster (Rubber)

Absolutely gorgeous! Nice, crisp detail to the casting and they have a good heft to themselves. I look forward to painting these bad boys.

Bryan Jones
Resin Westar 35

This is by far the best print I have come across. It is really detailed and has some heft, which I really like.


Wonderful casting, straight as an arrow and solid as a rock,

Sean McKinley

Wow what a cast, this thing was gorgeous, so smooth and has a good weight that feels a little heavy but completely understandable for the solid build of this blaster, I would’ve loved the front nozzle separated for painting reasons but other than that I’m so excited to get this all started! Thank you!