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The Lonewolf Customs generic "Blank" helmet has been remodeled to be fully symmetrical and in multiple sizes!

It features a smooth finish with no dent and symmetrical structure.

The "Blank" comes standard with two symmetrical ear caps as a raw, unfinished kit.  With each helmet comes our standard baggie of resin "greeblies" (for you to utilize to customize your helmet, armor, weapons, or other props), a piece of mesh for behind the keyslots and earcaps, resin Borden connector for the right cheek, and a template to utilize in making a t-visor. 

Variant: Rangefinder upgrade

The Rangefinder Kits are a $20 upgrade (per rangefinder) to a helmet kit at time of ordering. The rangefinder is available for either, or both sides of the helmet. Keep in mind that the rangefinder set up is side specific for the "Blank" so please ensure you are ordering the correct one when placing your order. When we list left and right side, we mean the left and right side of the wearer when they are wearing the helmet. (For example, the dented helmet hunter wears his rangefinder on the right side).

The "Blank" helmet rangefinder kits include a resin topper on a solid aluminum bar (there is no space inside the bar to put wiring), and rare earth magnets for attaching the rangefinder cover cap. There are spaces for the magnets molded into the rangefinder cover cap and mount piece. The rangefinder is a resin topper molded onto an aluminum bar which has a threaded rod embedded in it for attaching to the helmet, along with a thumbscrew to secure it. 


The "Blank" is currently available in three sizes; "small," "medium," and "large." 

You can see the measurements in the photos, however please note that these are the exterior measurements (unless otherwise specified). Circumferences listed are the internal measurement. Our helmets are hand cast and therefore thicknesses can vary helmet to helmet, however they are typically about 1/4" thick. We recommend going by your hat measurement to decide if the helmet will fit you.


The small is intended for those with a more petite hat size, fitting approximately up to a hat size 7 1/8. 


The medium is about a 1:1 movie solo hunter size. Customers who previously fit our "Blank" helmet will probably best fit this size. This will fit approximately up to a hat size 7 3/4. 


The large is a bit roomier, and should fit approximately up to a hat size 8. 

Helmets come as a raw cast, as shown. You will need to cut out the t-visor area(s) vents where applicable, sand, prep, and prime before painting your helmet. If you would like to purchase finishing services, please view our finishing services page


As orders are custom made to order items, we have a strict no returns/all sales final policy. You can read more about our policies in our FAQs.


This helmet model was a custom proprietary commission designed for Lonewolf Customs. Modeled by Jacob Morin and original master printed by Josh Kane.

Customer Reviews

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Brian Evans

Nice and sturdy, good clean lines. The greeblies are super cool, and the rangefinder looks excellent. Gonna have to do a lot of sanding in the interior, it's thicker than I expected. Overall, very pleased.


Timely arrival, product seems good and sturdy, can't wait to start working on this project 👍

Wynn B
better than i expected.

I have been wanting one for some time. The fact it lets you really customize it and make it the way that fit you is awesome! Very well made and very detailed.
Thank you

Anthony Alexander
Very sturdy

Casting is thicker than expected, making it more sturdy than expected, but not too heavy. Lines are clean and crisp with minimal deburring on the seams. Sands wonderfully.

Excellent Craftsmanship

Your helmet was recommended by a member of the Ciry'Kurs Clan. I'm very impressed by your level of detail and quality.
I purchased a medium sized helmet and I did find it roomy; if you use my 7 - 3/8 hat size (issued beret) as a reference.