Lizard Hunter V10 grenade launcher- resin cast

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First seen as the weapon of choice for the lizard bounty hunter, and also featured on T Visor Warrior show, and seen in many other places in the SW universe, the Lizard Hunter's V10 is one of our favorite pieces from the SW universe, and one of the most elusive props to track down and will be a fantastic addition to your custom mando, Bossk, custom smuggler, etc.!

Our Lizard Hunter V10 is molded off of a real Webley-Schermuly riot gun with scopes molded off of original M-38 scopes and cast in black resin so that it requires minimal clean up and or painting. The break action is fully functional with functional hinge and latch pins (however you can glue it permanently shut if you wish.)

Notoriously a rare and hard to find piece both as the real deal and in replica/cast format, this is a beautiful piece that every SW fan needs as the crown jewel to their collection!

The choice is yours:

Raw kit: Comes as a disassembled, unfinished raw cast kit (cast out of Black Onyx resin) and comes with all the pieces you need, we have painstakingly molded this gorgeous piece so that there is minimal clean up required so you can spend less time sanding, and more time looking awesome!

Fully Finished: Comes assembled, cleaned up, and weathered. (Shipped in two pieces, you just need to slide the pin in between the two.)

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful casts!

Great quality casts, very clean details. Super satisfied.

Amazing quality and attention to detail

When I opened my box and saw the Relby I was amazed. The color was spot on, the cast was as smooth as glass, and the fine details were impeccable. This gun practically put itself together as there was very little finishing work to be done! Amazing as always.